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We are a Competitive Intelligence Agency specialized in technology management and innovation,

aimed at strengthening and consolidating the business model of companies based on strategic information and tailored to the best corporate decision making.

We seek to increase the competitiveness of the company by transforming the weaknesses into strengths by taking advantage of the opportunities that the environment provides by building advantages that ensure the permanence of the company and the increase of profits through innovation.

Competitive intelligence (CI)

It is a composite of various studies, whose objective is to analyze the external and internal factors of your business, offering a broad panorama of information that reduces the level of uncertainty.

What is the benefit of having RUBIKIE?

Within your company there are projects that start from an idea, but for it to be executed optimally and to reduce the level of uncertainty and risk, it is important to have the complete information for a correct decision making.

Diagnosis of the Business Model

Visual report with elements that describe the product or value proposal of the company, infrastructure, customers and finances, contributing to your company to align its activities through strategic actions.

Know the game of others

Analysis of Competition and Business Opportunities

It is a documentary and field research that analyzes the behavior of your possible niche markets and companies that produce similar or substitute products.

  • It allows to identify:
  • The size of the potential market in a region.
  • The geographic location of the competition.
  • The prices that exist in the market.
  • The behavior of the economic sector of the product.
  • The imports and exports of the product.
  • The market share
  • Characteristics of the main marketing and product distribution channels.

Supplier Analysis

It is a documentary and field research that analyzes the behavior of your possible niche markets and companies that produce similar or substitute products.

  • It allows to identify:
  • Main characteristics of companies
  • Geographical location of supplier companies
  • Prices that exist in the market
  • Level of imports and exports of the supplier
  • Behavior of the economic sector of supplier companies
  • Production capacity
  • Quality of service and products of the provider
  • Contact information.
  • Capacitación

Financial analysis

It is a key management and analytical tool in all business activity that determines financial conditions in the present, the management of available financial resources and helps to predict the financial future of the company.

  • It allows to identify:
  • Difficulties in the economic and financial performance of a company
  • The profitability of an investment, increase in production or new allocation of costs
  • The financial future at an estimated 5 years
  • The impact of external agents on the behavior of their production (inflation, fluctuation, among others)
  • The utility of the company
  • The participation you have in the market

Analysis of the Legal and Regulatory Environment of a Technology

It is an exploratory analysis that identifies the laws, norms, regulations, international treaties, adúnales rules, certifications that involve in the development of their projects.

  • It allows to identify:
  • Barriers to the regulatory and legal framework for the development of a technology.
  • Technical regulations in which a technology is immersed.
  • Industrial and tariff classifications where a technology is found.
  • International agreements for the export of technology and tariff charges.
  • Taxes attributed to technology.

Technological surveillance

It provides an analysis of the most relevant scientific, technological and patent databases that are related to a specific technology, is the object of study to determine the degree of novelty of the technology.

  • It allows to identify:
  • The novelty of technology
  • Existence of similar technologies
  • Possible legal invasion in the technological development
  • The existence of technologies necessary for the development of own projects and possibility of acquisition
  • World leaders in the development of a technology of interest
  • The evolution over time of the technology of interest
  • Business opportunities that support the development of technology

Technological Audit

It is an analysis that determines the current state of the technologies of your company, emphasizing the areas of opportunity and provides information to take advantage of its capabilities for the improvement of its structure, operation and optimization.

  • It allows to identify:
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the technological assets of your company
  • The most appropriate technologies in their production processes
  • Opportunities for improvement in obsolete or underutilized technologies
  • Capacities of human capital in the use of technologies
  • Competitive advantages in the use of non-visible technologies
  • The life cycle of the technology used
  • The level of use of technology

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